Interview with Fabrizia Spinelli

Today I start our new column under the name "Interview with a Fashion Blogger". I think it will be interesting for you to get some new information from bloggers you've known for a long time. Every time we will change questions and we'll try to put more unusual questions. But now is our first interview. The first blogger I have put some questions to was Fabrizia Spinelli from Cosa mi metto???

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       eBF: How long have you been blogging for? What is the name and where did the name of your blog come from? What is your blog about?

FABRIZIA: My blog name “Cosa mi metto???” is the italian expression for “What should I wear???” a question that almost every woman ask herself in front of their wardrobe. Cosa mi metto??? was born almost an year ago and it’s mostly about my fashion daily outfit, my way to interpret the trends of the moment, my life and my voyages.

·        eBF: What made you decide to start your blog?

FABRIZIA: My blog was born in a particular moment of my life: I moved from Rome, my city, to Naples, to live with Luca, after getting married. So suddenly I found myself in a new city, without a job, without my daily routine, everything was new and I really need to create something mine, and to occupy my time while searching for another work. I add my passion for fashion to this situation and the result was the idea of a personal blog!!! At the beginning I was a little scared and insecure, but Luca has always encouraged me!!

·       eBF:  Where are you from?

FABRIZIA: I’m from Italy, I lived in Rome since I was 23 years old and now I live in Naples!

·        eBF:  What do you do when you’re not blogging?

FABRIZIA: First of all I’m a perfect wife, than I work and I do all the normal and daily things that a girl of my age do, like go dinner with friends, clubbing, cinema, sports and so on!!

·         eBF: Do you prefer to read a magazine or a blog?

FABRIZIA: I like to compare the two things, magazine are basically about reliable sources, and always have to report a fashion news in an unbiased manner, a blog can be more personal and original!

·        eBF:  How would you describe your style?

FABRIZIA: Absolutely chameleon, depending on my mood, bu always refined and a little bit bon ton chic.

·        eBF:  Fashion tip for the season?

FABRIZIA: This season trend will be: camouflage, techno-shine, feathers, and my favorite one, the tapestry!!! After many monochrome months where the pastel and the neon colors were the stars, here we are with all polyhedral and patterned tendency!!

·       eBF: Who are your biggest style inspirations?

FABRIZIA: I adore Miroslava Duma’s style, always gorgeous and colorfull.

·        eBF: What do you plan on doing in the future?
FABRIZIA: I’ll keep going on with my work, I hope to enlarge my family and of course I’ll continue blogging, and I’ll welcome all the amazing opportunities that Cosa mi metto??? will offer me!

·         eBF: What is the last piece of clothing you bought?

FABRIZIA: A wonderful YSL cabas chyc beige. I’m totally in love with it!!!

·     eBF: What would you describe as the top 5 MUST HAVE’s for your wardrobe?

FABRIZIA: In my wardrobe there should always be the perfect pair of jeans, because I think they’re base for many looks, suitable for different occasions; a colored dress with a feminine line, for the days when I feel romantic; of course a really high pair of platforms; a pair of cateye sunglasses and my little Chanel with the logo formed by gemstones, is my first Chanel I have had and there’s a long history behind it!

·         eBF: Extra Question: Do you want to say anything to the Be Fashion readers?

FABRIZIA: I hope you enjoyed my interview and discovering something about me, and I wish you an amazing day!

Thank you, Fabrizia!


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