Interview with Branislava Antovic

Today I will show you the second interview from the new column "Interview with a Fashion Blogger". My second guest is Branislava Antovic - a fashion blogger from Serbia. She has unique style and vision about the things. I sure that you will love her style immediately. Let's start with the interview..

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eBF: Tell us more about you.

BRANISLAVA: I am 25 years old journalist and fashion blogger from Serbia. I graduated on the Faculty of Political Science, journalism department and I'm living in Belgrade, capital of Serbia, with my family. I really like my job, and since I can remember  I wanted to be journalist. My second love is the love for all forms of art. Fashion is part of that. For me, fashion is not something casual, but very important part of my life through which I express myself. 

 eBF: How long have you been blogging for? Where did the name of your blog come from?

BRANISLAVA: I have been blogging for two years (on the 12th of October I celebrate the second birthday of my Divine World). It all started so spontaneously. I graduated on my college, so I had a little more time for some other interests of mine. And then I decided to start building my own Divine World. Name came from the exhibition on which I attended on the day I started my blog. The name of the exhibition was ''Divine Worlds Of Dali''. Inspiring by great art of this genius (Salvador Dali), I decided to open my blog under the name ''Divine World of Fashion''.


eBF: What made you decide to start your blog?

BRANISLAVA: As I said in the previous answer, after graduating I had more time for my other interests, like movies, books, music and fashion. After so many hours spent following other bloggers, I decided to start my own online adventure. And I must say: that was one of the best moves in my life. I finally found the way to share my love for fashion with people of similar interests and  to make an attempt at something new, interesting, creative. And my blog is always a great exercise in writing.

eBF: What do you do when you’re not blogging?

BRANISLAVA: I am trying to enjoy in every aspects of life, with my family and friends.

eBF: Do you prefer to read a magazine or a blog?

BRANISLAVA: I must admit that the sound of paper in your hands is one of those feeling that nothing could replace. But in other hand blogs are so inspiring and full of interesting informations. So I must say: both!



eBF: We know you as a fashion blogger but in truer life you’d have been to help some of the newer bloggers: what have you found to be the best way to network and get your blog out there?


BRANISLAVA: The best way to success in fashion blogging is to have just one thing: quality content! So quality, quality, and more quality. If you have that, there you'll also we'll find the way to success.

eBF: How would you describe your style?

BRANISLAVA: My style can be described as a little bit sharp, with an attitude, not to much girly, yet seductive, and attractive.

 eBF: Fashion tip for the season?

BRANISLAVA: I have one universal tip for every fashion season: stay truthful to yourself, and just spice that story with a little bit of current trends.

 eBF: Who is Your Fashion Icon?

BRANISLAVA: I know that I will not say anything new when I write her name, but she and her style are simply immortal. She is still alive thanks to her sense of fashion. Audrey, the one and only.

eBF: What do you plan on doing in the future?

BRANISLAVA: To give 100% of me in everything I do!

eBF: Which are your favourite brands?

BRANISLAVA: I must say that Zara is a place where I always come back! Always have the pieces that impressed me.

eBF:What is the last piece of clothing you bought?

BRANISLAVA: Bershka flat boots.

eBF: What would you describe as the top 5 MUST HAVE’s for your wardrobe?

BRANISLAVA: Good pair of jeans, simple white shirt, trench, black pumps and and big black bag.


     eBF: Extra Question: Do you want to say anything to the Be Fashion readers?

BRANISLAVA: Thank  you for your time. If you want to know me better, head straight to my blog Divine World of Fashion because in every new post I give my readers a new part of myself. 

Thank you, Branislava!


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  2. Dear Teodora, thank you so much for lovely questions! It was my pleasure to be interviewed by you!
    Greetings from Belgrade! :)

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